In the Eastover, only the highest grade cushioning is used, far surpassing most mattresses that you will find in the big box stores.  The mattress is then finished with premium grade fabric which is quilted to a better grade foam than most. The Eastover comes in three different models, Anniversary, Supreme (the preferred mattress of the Duke mansion) and Ultra.  All provide ultimate supports with varying degrees of firmness.  And of course, all models are two sided for extend life and comfort.


Latex Mattresses provide unprecedented orthopedic support, creating a cushion in which reduces pressure points that can build up during rest. Unlike memory foam or other conforming mattresses, latex responds instantly to your movements giving you optimal spinal alignment. Because of its' unique properties, only natural latex provides your body perfect support night after night. Never wake up to aches and pains caused by insufficient support or stiffness and pain created by inadequate pressure relief. This unique and natural material is remarkable not only for short term benefits, but also for its ability to withstand the test of time providing consistent restful sleep year after year.
Latex has many advantages over other materials when used as the core of a mattress. The first of these is its durability. It will easily outlast other types of foam and even quality innersprings. Latex mattress cores have been known in many cases to last over 20 years before needing replacing.
A second advantage is in its point elasticity. This means that it is not only very elastic (will return to its original shape) but that it can be compressed in a very small area without affecting or compressing the area beside it. This gives it the ability to instantly form a pressure relieving cradle that takes on the exact shape of the body. This means that in its softer ILD's it has a pressure relieving ability that is superior to most other materials and very similar to that of memory foam.
A third advantage is in its high resilience. This is its tendency to "spring back" to its original position and gives latex the ability to support the more recessed parts of the body that have larger gaps (such as the lumbar area) that need to be both filled in and supported.
Perhaps its greatest advantage though ... and this is not as often mentioned in an industry that talks mostly about ILD or the level of firmness when describing foam and other materials ... is connected to a specification called support factor (also called compression modulus or comfort factor). What this means is that latex has the ability to be soft and conforming when it is initially compressed and then become firmer more quickly than other materials when it is compressed more deeply. This means that even a relatively soft latex (28 ILD and higher) can be used as a mattress core where its upper softness can help to form a pressure relieving cradle while its deeper firmness can still provide excellent support (the ability to prevent heavier parts of you from sinking down too far) and keep your spine aligned. This also gives it the ability to adjust itself to different sleeping positions, body weights, and body profiles as you change position in your sleep. Because of these advantages, many consider it to be an ideal material.

  • Outstanding elasticity
  • Excellent body support based on sound biochemical and & ergonomic principles ensuring total comfort
  • Total absence of noise
  • Self-ventilating, will not build up heat and sleep hot
  • Long-lasting durability - Easily get 20 Years + consistent sleep
  • Anti-fungal & hygienic


Blue Heaven:  The Blue Heaven mattress is designed for people who like a firmer mattress.  We use a firm core of Talalay latex with a support layer on the bottom.  As with all of our mattresses, we can adjust the level of firmness to suit individual needs.

Performance:  The Performance is our best selling latex mattress.  It is constructed with three layers of Talalay latex with each layer providing a different firmness.  The mattress is designed so that the customer has the ability to simply change the way the mattress feels by moving the layers around in a different configuration.  Both queen and king size are designed so that each side can be whatever firmness the individuals want.

Natural Sleep:  The Natural Sleep mattress is for those who want to have an organic mattress.  The mattress is configured the same way as the Performance model but with an organic cotton cover which is quilted to organic wool.  The Talalay latex is 100% all natural.  This bedding is designed to reduce your exposure to petrochemical products and resulting off-gasing.

Organic Cotton Cover

  • 100% unbleached organic cotton
  • Made from cotton grown in soil untreated with chemicals
  • No Fertilizers for at least  three years
  • Grown without pesticides in compost and other organic materials
  • Produced only by certified organic processors

100% All-Natural Latex

  • Made of natural latex milk from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal and dust mite resistant
  • Odor Free
  • Provides up to 33% more pressure relief than a memory foam



Before you buy any memory foam mattress in Charlotte or online, please come by and try our new Eco-Sleep mattress.  The Eco-Sleep is designed and constructed to eliminate all of the major complaints associated with a memory foam mattress.  We have incorporated the finest materials to provide the most comfortable and supportive mattress possible.  What makes the Eco-Sleep so different?  No trying to roll out of a hole or sleeping hot, along with the support of a latex or innerspring mattress. Please stop by and be amazed by how good a memory foam mattress can feel.


Innerspring Mattresses (made in any size)

Dual surface mattress with a quality innerspring and firm but comfortable sleeping surface.  This mattress is ideal for children and quest.

All Lennox models come with a dual surface so you can turn them and are made with a high grade spring and upper grade cushioning and covers.  There are three different models to choose from, Plush, Firm and Pillow Top, depending on the level of firmness or plushness you prefer.  The Lennox line is comparable to most upper grade Name Brand mattresses.

The Eastover line of mattresses start where many mattresses stop.  Dilworth has been crafting the Eastover since 1975 and is our top selling innerspring mattress.  All models use only premium grade innersprings and are enhanced by the addition of side and end supports.  These supports help to support you and the innerspring when sitting on the edge of your mattress, getting in and out of bed and keeps you from feeling that you are rolling off the edge when sleeping.  The next step in building a mattress is adding an insulator to the construction.  This product protects the cushion layer from being cut or conforming to the openings in the innerspring.  The
Eastover doubles the insulators so that you will never feel the springs.  One of the most important parts to the mattress is the cushion layer. 

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